notes from the heart


I am a woodwind specialist.. but when I’m not playing my mind likes to create images with words.  I have created poetry, both rhyming and freeform, meanderings that have a special odd nature, and short stories.  Some of my material is suitable for children, some of it is of a more sensual nature.  Most of my work is done, very self indulgently, to heal myself.  We are all on this human path together, and if any of my writings help even one other person, I am happy.

There was a deep sadness in losing my life companion in the spring of 2010.  During the two years that followed, I was largely unable to write.  In 2016 I lost my dear Mother.  She was my best friend.  Writing is one way to paint my grief, to paint my joy, and to paint my hope.  May you find my offerings comforting in some way.

The moral right of Lori Calhoun to be identified as the author of all the works published in this Blog (including Lyrics, Poems, Meanderings and Stories) has been asserted in accordance with the United StatesCopyright Act of 1976.

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  Nom wrote @

With this weekend of the “Super” Moon…shining so bright. A magnificent lure, sparkling, powerful. Made me re- read the “Chase” … Powerful are words are they not 🙂

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